How It Works

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What We Do

LIFT partners with high-quality early childhood organizations in each of the four cities we operate in – Chicago, D.C., Los Angeles and New York – who refer parents and caregivers to our services. While these community institutions are focused on helping children develop and thrive, we concentrate on engaging and supporting their parents.

We then work to build a strong, trusted relationship with each parent or caregiver, who LIFT refers to as our members. Each member is paired with an advocate (one of LIFT’s highly trained volunteers) who works with their member to create an actionable goal plan centered around family goals. This bond is critical for the hard work that comes next. In fact, our internal data show that when LIFT works with members on their most important goals, they are three times more likely to achieve them. Family goals often include increasing savings & reducing debt, finding high-quality educational opportunities and securing jobs that can provide more economic stability.

Playing a direct role in achieving economic stability is a new element to LIFT’s approach. Instead of just limiting ourselves to navigating existing social services and referrals to other organizations, we’re expanding our work to include direct assistance. We’re trying things like matched deposits and lending circles to help parents build savings and assets.