Sena Taveras

Operations Associate, LIFT-New York

New York -

As Operations Associate, Sena ensures that that our parent members and visitors feel welcomed and uplifted at our LIFT-New York office. She strives to maintain a collaborative environment where brilliant minds work to support Bronx families in an understanding and efficient manner.

Sena LIFTs to give the people of her community more opportunities to succeed. Not everyone has equal access to the opportunities that would enable them to reach their highest potential. Sena relates to this and she hopes to continue supporting LIFT, an organization that helps to make people’s futures much brighter.

Sena graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Justice. She is passionate about promoting equality and social justice in as many places as possible and that is why she is currently pursuing a Masters in International Affairs.

Fun Fact: Sena is an avid horseback rider in her native Dominican Republic!


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