Gladis Romero

Shriver Program Fellow, AmeriCorps*VISTA

Los Angeles - ,

As a Shriver Program Fellow on the LIFT-Los Angeles team, Gladis will be conducting one on one meetings with members from the community, connecting them with various opportunities in housing, employment, health, education and other basic necessities.

Gladis LIFTs because she has a passion for serving those struggling in her community who are often marginalized and left to fend for themselves. Raised in a family that is proactive in the Los Angeles community, she understand the importance of educating, empowering, and encouraging people who lack the basic necessities and the self-confidence to thrive. LIFT is a way for Gladis to connect with these individuals on a positive level and become part of their transformation.

Gladis graduated from Santa Clara University in the Bay Area as a Psychology Major and an Ethnic Studies Minor. She was active in her school community through various club organizations including M.E.Ch.A, Barkada, and Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority. She learned valuable lessons in these leadership positions and connected with empowering leaders from all walks of life. After graduation, Gladis returned to her beloved city of Los Angeles to work at Homeboy Industries as part of a post grad volunteer program. Through the St. Joseph Worker Program, she had the privilege of working at Homeboy, serving the gang community and witnessing their powerful transformations. Gladis specifically focused on helping the trainees on clearing up their traffic tickets and obtaining their driver’s license. It was a major accomplishment for the trainees to receive their license and clear up their records because it moved them forward in achieving other goals and it felt good to do something the right way rather than cheat the system. It was incredible to witness what a support system can do for an individual during difficult times. Homeboy Industries was an amazing experience that confirmed her passion in serving those communities that are often casted aside. It led Gladis to first join LIFT as a Member Service Fellow and now as a Program Fellow, to continue transforming lives and be transformed.


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