Haleema Ali

Human Resources & Operations Coordinator

Sol Anderson

Executive Director, LIFT-Chicago

Zuleika Andrade

Senior Program Manager, Coaching, LIFT-Los Angeles

Kristy M. Arnold, PhD

Executive Director, LIFT-DC

Arceli “Pinky” Bacsinila

Chief Financial Officer

Unique Brathwaite

Executive Director, LIFT-New York

Francisco “Frank” Curiel

Program Manager, Careers, LIFT-Los Angeles

Molly Day

Chief Strategy Officer

Lauren Fox

Development Director

Danny Friel

Senior Evaluation Manager

Christina Garcia

Senior Program Coordinator, Parent Engagement, LIFT-Los Angeles

Alex Graves

Information Systems Manager

Oliver Grullon

Program Coordinator, Parent Engagement, LIFT-New York

Crysal Gutierrez

Parent Engagement Fellow

Patrease Hawkins

Program Manager, Coaching, LIFT-DC

Casey Kaldahl

Program Coordinator, Parent Engagement

Collin T. Kee

Senior Development Coordinator

Miriam Kirubel

Senior Program Manager

Sang Hoon Lee

Chief Development Officer

Kirsten Lodal

CEO & Co-Founder

Araceli Lopez-Andrade

Program Director, LIFT-Los Angeles

Brittany Lynch

Program Manager, Coaching

Brian Marroquin

Director of Program Strategy

Veronica Marshall

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Ryan Miller

Communications Manager

Ryan Mills, CPA


Hina Musa

Program Director, LIFT-DC

Rajan Mitiku Negassa

Development Coordinator

Allie Olson

Executive Director, LIFT-Los Angeles

Laura Presse

Senior Development Manager, LIFT-Los Angeles

Jessica Ramirez

Parent Engagement Fellow

Michelle Rhone-Collins

Chief Cities Officer

Erin Ridgeway

Talent & Training Manager

Helah Robinson

National Program Director

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Executive Office Coordinator

Laura Rothenberg

Program Manager, Coaching, LIFT-Chicago

Andrea Ruggirello

National Grant Writing Coordinator

Sophie Sahaf

Senior Vice President, Program & Evaluation

Fredy Salguero

Program Associate, LIFT-Los Angeles

Jocelyne Serafin

Parent Engagement Fellow

Lucy Smart

Program Coordinator, Parent Engagement

Sarah Spunt

Program Director, LIFT-Chicago

Sena Taveras

Operations Associate, LIFT-New York

Sophia Wrench

Operations Associate, LIFT-Los Angeles