Welcome to LIFTopolis

LIFTopolis is a one-of-a-kind exercise in empathy that puts participants in the shoes of the hardworking parents and caregivers that LIFT serves across the country. This unique role playing activity gives them a chance to better understand what our LIFT families experience when they try to navigate a complicated social services system that isn’t always designed with families in mind.

We transform a venue into a living, breathing city filled with people, businesses and the social service providers that make up LIFTopolis. And over the next hour, it’s their job to complete a series of goals unique to their family’s story.

How does it work?

LIFTopolis is divided into four, 12 minute days. Participants have four days to accomplish the goals assigned to their new identity. We’ll blow a whistle to mark the beginning and end of each day.

At the beginning of each day, they have 12 minutes to visit the different service providers of LIFTopolis and try to complete their parent’s goals. At the end of each day, once we blow that second whistle, they have to remove themselves from whatever service provider or line that they are currently standing in to start anew.

Between each day is a three-minute rest period for participants to gather their thoughts, strategize and figure out what next steps to take in order to achieve their goals by the end of the simulation.

At the end of the fourth day, we reconvene as a group to debrief, reflect and talk change. Each LIFTopolis experience is customized for its target audience.

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