Independent. Strong. Resilient.
Ms. Batalla’s Story

By LIFT on March 10, 2016

Categories: Real Stories

The accomplishments of our members serve as inspiration for the work we do here at LIFT. They’re a constant reminder of just how resilient the human spirit is and that no dream is unachievable. This is Ms. Batalla’s story.

Ms. Batalla first came to LIFT-LA as a student, seeking job assistance and looking for safe, affordable housing, all while juggling her academic responsibilities. After months of hard work, Ms. Batalla was able to achieve her goals with the assistance of her Advocate, Christina.

Ms. Batalla graduated high school and was on her way to enrolling in college, but soon came to learn that she was pregnant with her son, Thomas. Determined to create a better way for her son and her family, she made the brave decision to enroll at Los Angeles Community College, regardless of her pregnancy. Although soon after, she found herself on shaky ground and knew that she would need support in order to make her dreams a reality.

LIFT-LA, she says, gave her a sense of direction and hope that everything would work out. “I remember telling my advocate Christina that I was about to have a mental breakdown,” says Ms. Batalla. “I was feeling overwhelmed and extremely fragile. “

Christina knew that she had to act quickly to reassure Ms. Batalla that LIFT-LA was there for her in this time of need. “It was my duty as her advocate to show Ms. Batalla that LIFT-LA would do everything in our power to connect her to the resources that she needed,” says Christina.

LIFT-LA was able to help Ms. Batalla write cover letters, fill out job applications, and to connect to organizations that donate baby supplies. Once Ms. Batalla had resolved some of her immediate needs, she was able to continue school in pursuit of a college degree.

Ms. Batalla’s ambition is proof of the strength that parents have within themselves to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty. We couldn’t be prouder, and will continue to support her every step of the way.

Inspired by Ms. Batalla’s ambition, LIFT asked her to attend the AspenXChange conference with our CEO and Co-Founder, Kirsten Lodal to discuss the importance of parents as change agents. This was Ms. Batalla’s first time flying! At the conference, Ms. Batalla and her family were able to interact with other young parents and to network with others who care about the issues facing families like her own.