Spark to a Flame: Meet Phoebe and Phoenix

By Ryan Miller on October 30, 2015

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Phoebe Gomez has been a Member at LIFT-NY since September 2015. When she first came to LIFT, Phoebe was on shaky ground. The rough patch she was going through was made more complicated when she learned she was pregnant, but her pregnancy sparked something great within her. From that moment on, Phoebe decided that she would turn her life around. This pregnancy would be a rebirth, a second chance, and in honor of this commitment, she named her now one-year old daughter, Phoenix.

A phoenix in her own right, Phoebe rose above adversity and continuously proves to our staff that she is determined to succeed. She makes rough drafts before she fills out any application so that she doesn’t waste any time at our office. With the help of her LIFT Advocate, Phoebe signed up for financial literacy classes at a local organization that provides support to participants looking to take control of their financial future. She decided she needed financial coaching because, in her own words, “life isn’t just about me anymore – I have to provide for my daughter. “

Phoebe tells us she wishes there were more organizations like LIFT. Sometimes it’s hard for her to do certain things on her own, and she just needs a little support. She recalls an experience where she attended a meeting about public benefits at a similar organization and the staff “didn’t even look me in the eye, and made me feel bad for being there.” LIFT is committed to treating our Members with dignity and respect, and we’re glad it shows.

With dreams to one day open a salon, Phoebe is currently studying to be a cosmetologist, and will be graduating this November. She looks forward to coming to her meetings, and working bit by bit on achieving her goals. Because of LIFT, Phoebe has someone to turn to – someone with whom she can talk through her problems, and help her take the necessary steps toward a better future for her and her daughter. 

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