Connecting Members with Community Resources: A ComEd Cares Workshop

By LIFT on May 4, 2015

Categories: Real Stories

This post was written by LIFT-Chicago Advocate, Katie Greeley. Katie is getting her Master’s in Social Work at the University of Chicago. While serving at LIFT for 16 hours a week, Katie has also had the opportunity to put together workshops for Members. In her latest workshop, Katie brought in representatives from ComEd to discuss energy saving programs. Here is what she had to say about the event:

Too often we take energy for granted. Flicking on a light, charging our phone, or turning on the TV seems so effortless. Rarely do we stop to think where that power comes from. Most individuals don’t acknowledge the importance of electricity until it’s gone, maybe for a few minutes or a couple hours due to temporary inconveniences. For many LIFT Members, maintaining energy in their house and having the means to support the cost is a daily obstacle.

Thanks to the support of ComEd – the largest electrical service provider in Illinois – LIFT-Chicago was able to hold an energy assistance workshop. The workshop was charged with information regarding energy assistant resources and money saving tips that puts cash directly back into our Members’ pockets. ComEd Cares facilitator Sergio presented on several energy assistance programs available to the public. During the workshop, Sergio discussed the importance of education Members on available community resources. “The problem is, most individuals don’t know that they are eligible for these services, half the battle is making the available resources known.” And that is exactly what Sergio did.

The power of education was evident. Theresa Hassell, a LIFT-Chicago Member, working to obtain energy assistance, referred to the workshop as informative and a relief. Filled with gratitude Theresa said, “It’s opportunities like this, where LIFT reminds me I’m not on my own.” Theresa was also the lucky winner of the ComEd cares raffle and received a $25 credit toward her current energy bill.

For LIFT members, the impact of obtaining utility assistance goes beyond keeping the power on. It will lead to a better quality of life for Members and their families. And ultimately, this support can lift Members toward peace-of-mind, financial stability and well-being.