Part Two: From Skeptic to Believer

By LIFT on January 21, 2015

Categories: First Person Perspective, Real Stories

The other week, we heard from LIFT-Chicago Advocate, Jordan, as she reflected on the power of LIFT’s core values of human potential, relationships, and a sense of possibility. Now, we have the unique opportunity to hear from LIFT-Chicago Member, Lawrence.

Lawrence came to LIFT feeling skeptical of how LIFT’s services could help him. Soon enough, through his work with Member Service Fellow, Jason, he realized LIFT could support him as he works to achieve his goals.  Lawrence wrote a very kind note, discussing his experience with LIFT and his gratitude towards Jason.

“In a desperate move one day, from the advice of a friend who told me about LIFT, I came in to meet with an advocate. You see, I’m homeless and 72 years old. I needed help, and LIFT paired me with a young man, Jason, who had not been in Chicago very long. I looked at him, and thought, how can Jason help me? I’ve lived longer, know more, have experienced more, etc.

I found out that Jason is an informed agent with a zest to get things done. I soon started to believe in Jason. He diligently listened to what I said and responded with suggestions and steps for us to take. Jason is my hero. This young man could possible change hearts and communities. He is a real tribute to LIFT’s program.”

Upon reflecting on his experience with LIFT, Lawrence had a message for other community members.

“So, in conclusion, I ask.

Do we lay down? No.

Do we give up? No.

Do we get frustrated? No.

But, in reality, we do. And that’s why we come to LIFT.”

Moments like this remind us of the impact advocates and staff have on members’ progress and lives. What Lawrence may not realize is his words are what motivate dedicated LIFTers each and every day to keep LIFTing.