Empower Families Through Investment: LIFT’s Family Goal Fund

By Helah Robinson on March 26, 2020

Categories: Financial Strength, Our Work

At LIFT, we know that giving people cash works both during, and outside of, times of crisis. In 2018, LIFT integrated direct, unrestricted cash infusions into our two-year coaching program, and our results speak for themselves. We have proof that parents have the answers, that they know what’s best for their families, and that they should be trusted to make the right decisions.

We have published a brief that shares how we distribute money to families, what we have learned from this process, and key lessons for policy makers. Read the full brief now.

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Helah Robinson

At LIFT, Helah oversees new program design and implementation across the organization’s four regions. She works closely with the regional teams to use Member feedback, program evaluation data and stakeholder input to improve LIFT’s services, design new program innovations and maximize impact. Helah LIFTs because she believes in every person’s potential to succeed when they are Read More