Interns @ LIFT – Meet Stephanie

By LIFT on March 5, 2019

Categories: Our Work, Real Stories

One of the most exciting parts about working at LIFT is the relationships you build and the people you meet! LIFT also provides the opportunity for interns to get a chance to learn from every department and build networking opportunities to use for the future. Take a chance and learn a little bit about our interns!


Atlanta, GA

Major: Business Management

Why did you decide to work at a non-profit?

I think that, specifically, this non-profit out of all of the other ones is super mission driven. I like the fact that non-profits have a reason to do what they’re doing and it’s not all revenue based. What’s not more revenue based than a non-profit, you know what I’m saying? It’s cool to work for an organization that is working towards a goal and is working to play their part and change the world.

What kind of impact do you want to make in your community?

I think my biggest thing right now is mentorship and mentoring young children. I think that they need direction. In this world, the more it progresses and the more that goes on in the news, they need more direction and help to stay on a guided path. So, I think mentoring children who don’t have the means to get help is important. Like, kids who are shy, who are outsiders, who have a hard time at school. Introverts.

How do you like our work environment? Relationships with other interns and employees?

I think LIFT is an amazing place to be, to work, to see. Every time I walk in, I say thank you because I’m happy to be here all of the time. My relationship with my co-workers is great. Everyone is super nice and open. Everyone is super understanding and helpful. I feel very invited and everyone is just so welcoming here.