Why I LIFT: Angiie’s Story

By LIFT on January 25, 2018

Categories: First Person Perspective, Our Work, Real Stories

Relationships matter. LIFT’s work is made possible by the trusted connections our coaches and staff build with the parents we serve, and Angiie’s story is proof as to just how much of a difference it can make to have someone in your corner. In her year since joining LIFT-New York as a parent member, Angiie has become a LIFT all star, conquering every challenge that comes her way and facing every obstacle with a positive mindset, open heart and LIFT by her side. This is why she LIFTs.

LIFT: Angiie, it’s been a year since you started working with LIFT and you’ve seen incredible progress on your goals. You’ve found safe childcare for your daughter Althea, graduated high school and will start college in the fall! What was life like for you before you came to LIFT and what made you reach out to us?

Angiie: Thank you! Well, when I first came to LIFT, Althea was just about four months old. At that time, I wasn’t sure what to do or what steps I needed to take to give Althea the future I knew she deserved. I was depressed. I felt like I had reached a dead end.

The caseworkers I knew weren’t able to help me and I thought, “if they can’t, who can?” That’s when a nurse I knew told me about LIFT. I came to LIFT and worked with a LIFT coach to write down some of my short term goals (like getting Althea into a good daycare) and my long term goals (like graduating college).

Just that simple act made me feel so much better. It made me feel like my dreams were actually possible.

 LIFT: That’s wonderful to hear! Beyond writing your goals down, what was it about LIFT that made you confident that you could succeed?

Angiie: The people! The help! Everybody at LIFT wanted me to succeed. It was never a question of “can we do that” – it was always “yes, we’ll find a way.”

Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be in a profession that helped others, like a cop, or a nurse or a doctor. And the love that the coaches and staff at LIFT have shown me and my daughter shows just how much of a difference that kind of help can make.

LIFT: We’re so proud to see how far you’ve come, and how far you’ll go. What dreams do you have for Althea?

Angiie: I don’t think I really knew what love was until Althea was born. From the moment I held her in my arms, I knew that my life had been changed for good. Without her, there is no me! (Angiie laughs).

I just love being a parent. I can’t see myself without Althea and I want her to know that I’ll always be there for her. I never want her to know what it feels like to struggle. I want her to enjoy her childhood, her teenage years, to go away to college and have fun. No dream is too big, and I want her to know that I’ll be there every step of the way.

LIFT: Beautifully said. And for our last question: Angiie, why do you LIFT?

Angiie: I LIFT for my daughter, Althea. I want her to have the life I never had.