Staying on Track: Jasmine’s Story

By LIFT on August 31, 2017

Categories: Financial Strength, Our Work, Real Stories

Jasmine Jeffries didn’t know what to expect when she scheduled her first intake session with LIFT. She had no idea what the program would offer her, or what she could offer the program.

“All I knew is that this was something that was good for me, and [would] keep me on track,” she said.

LIFT was a huge step for Jasmine, who didn’t think much about the decisions she was making or why she made them. Before her son was born she admits she didn’t think twice.

“Things that weren’t important to me, I just didn’t do,” Jasmine said. “If I didn’t go to work one day, no one was affected by this but me.”

But in 2015, her life changed when Jayce was born. Homeless and struggling for stable employment and financial security, she was determined to be a role model and good example for her son. Jasmine’s participation in LIFT has ensured she stays on her new path.

“When I first came to LIFT in November I didn’t really know what to expect from the program, but it has given me tools to be successful and confident,” she said.

Today Jasmine feels self-assured and happy in her decision to hold herself accountable, not only to achieving financial stability, but to accomplish her dreams. At 28, she is in the midst of finishing her second master’s degree. She works full-time, raises a two-year-old and still makes time to meet with LIFT once a month, usually on her lunch breaks.

Jasmine says it feels good to focus on herself and learn about the different ways she can invest in herself, not to mention talk about the ways she can improve her life.

She wants to own a house someday, and to start a business. These are goals that used to only be dreams or wishes, but with LIFT they have become tangible, with action steps and accountability.

“Two years ago, I didn’t have the credit score to get an apartment, or even know [I didn’t have it], and now I have the score to lease a car and work on homeownership,” Jasmine said excitedly.

Working with LIFT has also boosted her self-esteem, and allowed her to reflect on what she thinks she deserves. Though she has a full-time job, she is actively looking for one in human resources that will allow her to incorporate her passion for working with parents and young children.

“I finally feel that I deserve better, and have the courage to look for something better,” Jasmine said proudly.

Within the next six months, Jasmine hopes to further reduce debt, as well as begin to save money to buy a house in her Evergreen Park neighborhood. Because what she really wants is for her baby to grow up in a home with a backyard.

With the tenacity she has demonstrated in only two years’ time, there is nowhere she can go but up.