Celebrating Superheroes: Cash Warren & Jessica Alba

By LIFT on May 4, 2017

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We asked LIFT-Los Angeles Board Chair Cash Warren to tell us about a superhero in his life. Here’s what he said…

“The first superhero who comes to mind is my better half, Jessica…and I’m not just writing this to get brownie points at home.

As a father of two daughters I am so thankful that I don’t need to look further than the other side of my bed when thinking about who I want my daughters to grow up to emulate. Jessica is a doer. She walks the walk. She leads by example and sets the bar high. I can think of a million examples of her doing the impossible, but one story that comes to mind happened when I was out of town.

Last summer, I promised my 8-year-old Honor that I’d teach her how to ride a bike with no training wheels. We spent days practicing at the park but to no avail. I had to leave town for a few days and told Honor we’d continue when I got back. I don’t even know if the plane had touched down in the city I was traveling to yet when I received a video from Jessica of Honor riding her bike like a boss. Needless to say, five days with Dad didn’t equate to a couple of hours practicing with Mom. I still take credit for helping, but Mom knew how to get the job done.

I am grateful that my daughters just have to look up to find a role model. My wife is our real life superhero!”

Over the next few weeks, we’re shining a spotlight on the parents, spouses and friends in LIFT’s network who – like the hardworking moms and dads we serve – are true champions in their families’ lives.

This Mother’s Day, we hope you’ll consider giving your superhero a gift that gives back. Make a gift in their honor today and help make a real difference all year:

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