Your Money, Your Goals

By Helah Robinson on March 28, 2017

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a U.S. government agency that makes sure banks, lenders and other financial companies treat you fairly, is focused on more than equity. It also wants to help individuals get answers to questions and meet financial goals.

Just like LIFT.

That’s why we’re proud to share that in January, LIFT was selected as one of 30 organizations to participate in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s 2017 Your Money, Your Goals Cohort, a 10-month partnership through which LIFT will receive help resources, trainings and technical assistance to improve our financial capabilities building services for our members. The partnership will continue through October 2017.

Your Money, Your Goals is a robust toolkit built by the bureau to help frontline staff of direct service organizations like ours as they work with their clients to set, make progress towards and reach their financial goals. As a member of the cohort, LIFT will receive technical assistance support that will help us:

  1. Tailor the materials to better meet members’ needs
  2. Effectively train our coaches and advocates to integrate these tools and resources into their work.

At LIFT, we work with – not just for – low-income families to design solutions to end intergenerational poverty, and we believe financial empowerment is a core lever for setting families up for long-term mobility. We help provide the skills, tools and resources individuals need to meet basic needs and work toward long-term aspirations. With technical assistance support from the 2017 Your Money, Your Goals Cohort, LIFT will be equipped to provide stronger programming to help bolster parents’ and families’ financial well-being.

Three of LIFT’s four regions – Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. – will all be participating in the cohort and will start to integrate the curriculum into work with members throughout the spring, summer and early fall.

LIFT is excited to be part of an exciting group of government agencies and nonprofit organizations all committed to advancing economic empowerment and inclusion across the country. Read more about the 29 other organizations selected here, including United Way Worldwide, Public Housing Authorities at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Catholic Charities USA.

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Helah Robinson

At LIFT, Helah oversees new program design and implementation across the organization’s four regions. She works closely with the regional teams to use Member feedback, program evaluation data and stakeholder input to improve LIFT’s services, design new program innovations and maximize impact. Helah LIFTs because she believes in every person’s potential to succeed when they are Read More