[New Report] Listening Better: 10 Lessons from LIFT’s Member Feedback Survey

By LIFT on December 16, 2016

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LIFT is excited to publish a new report that outlines LIFT’s top 10 lessons for designing and implementing a member feedback survey. The report is based on LIFT’s three years of systematically rolling out an intentional way to capture the reactions and responses of the people we serve.

At LIFT, we believe that strong, trusting relationships are critical to supporting families in achieving their goals. We not only emphasize the strong relationship with our members, but we actively ask the parents and caregivers we serve (our members) for their feedback on what we do well and what we can improve. We call this system Constituent Voice, and we have learned a lot through trial and error about how to meaningfully integrate their responses into our work.

Listening Better Cover

What started at LIFT as a single survey has evolved into a systematic approach to gathering member input that has influenced the design of program pilots, helped us tweak our program offerings and has demonstrated to members that we value their input and will use it to design and implement programs that serve them better. And in the end, that is the ultimate goal of our work.

LIFT is proud to serve as a demonstration for other organizations interested in beginning or expanding their feedback practice. For additional information on LIFT’s feedback process, please contact feedback@liftcommunities.org.