A Conversation with Our Returning Fellows

By LIFT on August 25, 2015

Categories: First Person Perspective, Our Work

We are so lucky that four of our stellar Shriver Fellows have joined us for a second year of service!  Their passion for service, flair for relationship-building, knowledge of their community, ability to lead, and overall spirit have inspired us here at LIFT, so we thought we would turn the tables and ask them…”What about LIFT inspired you to do a second year of service?”

Catherine Gold, Shriver Program Fellow – LIFT-DC

During my first year as an AmeriCorps Fellow, LIFT served me more than I served LIFT. My position on the National Program Team gave me the opportunity to be mentored by some incredible women, learn a wide range of professional skills on many types of projects, and spend time working with each one of the selfless, hardworking people in the national and local offices. I hope to repay some of what LIFT has given me during my first year by spending a second year furthering the mission in which I so deeply believe.

I look forward to directly serving Members and working with Advocates alongside the dedicated Fellows and staff on the LIFT-DC team during my second year as an AmeriCorps Fellow.

Caterina Marzella, Shriver Program Fellow – LIFT-DC

I chose to do LIFT for a second year because there is so much more I can do for the DC community. I spent a lot of time during my first year as a Program Fellow learning. I learned how to navigate social service providers, coach Members on financial situations, coordinate and design trainings, and much more. Though I still learn every day, I now have enough expertise to really make an impact. I can share my knowledge and resources with Members, Advocates and other Fellows and help LIFT grow in the DC community.

Marissa Schnitman, Shriver Program Fellow – LIFT-LA

I decided to continue with LIFT for a second year because the passion I have developed for the work and the people is too strong to leave! During my first year at LIFT, I was constantly inspired by member stories, the dedication of our volunteers, and the brilliance and support of my coworkers. Upon wrapping up my first year, I felt that this type of environment is too special to give up, I felt confident that there was still a lot for me to learn at LIFT. I am looking forward to continuing to grow personally and professionally in my second year, where I will be focusing on program evaluation and quality assurance.

Jasmin Temblador, Shriver Program Fellow – LIFT-LA

I decided to serve a 2nd year with LIFT because it’s an opportunity to branch into a new role of learning. Trying to obtain a job right after graduation, point blank is difficult. LIFT has allowed me to build my skills in management, community outreach, direct service, and even gain practice with my native language in the span of one year. I got to truly meet my community in the most authentic way through a simple conversation.

Within LIFT, the fellows have created a culture of support and learning, we advocate for each other, inspire one another to continue our education, learn and partner on projects and have gatherings.  I couldn’t let that go just yet because what we created here is very special and something that we will look back on and cherish.