Credit with a Full House

By LIFT on February 14, 2014

Categories: Financial Strength, Our Work

Happy Valentine’s Day!! We hope your day is filled with love on this Hallmark-y day!

Last night at Beyond the Bank we covered credit, and this time it was a full house. I noticed as we continue with this program, we are gaining more and more students. This cycle, at capacity, we have about 30 students from the Right Way, and last night we were at capacity. Students filled the vast majority of our chairs and each one of them were so engaged in our credit conversation.

As you all remember from our previous cycle, all but 3 students attended our credit lecture because the rest of the class attended a job fair that evening. Because this information is so vital to many of the youth in the course, all of them were really engaged in the conversation. A few asked about credit card fraud. Some asked about credit repair. And some wanted clarification about the differences between a credit cards and debit cards. At the end of the class last night, many of the TAY walked away with information they otherwise would have received much later in their lives.

The conversation with the Financial Instructor could have continued throughout the entire class period, but we wanted the USC undergraduates to conduct their small-group discussions; we felt the TAY would benefit more from the small group settings and ask their personal information within that intimate environment.

The USC students picked up where our instructor left off, and the class continued to run smoothly.

Next week is a special occasion for us. Not only are we going to cover consumer rights, but it is also the first time our newest financial instructor, Marissa, will be conducting the class with Daniel. Here’s to new beginnings next week! See you all there!

Daniel leading the class on Credit


Credit presentation under our Potencial value


One of the USC students leading a small-group discussion