LIFT-Chicago and Capital One celebrate One Week

By LIFT on November 5, 2013

Categories: Our Work

LIFT-Chicago and Capital One came together on Oct 25 and 26 to celebrate “One Week,” a week-long community service initiative that encourages Capital One employees across the nation to volunteer in their communities. This is the second year that LIFT-Chicago and Capital One have partnered together to assemble and hand out hygiene kits to LIFT Members during One Week.

Early on in the week Capital One employees assembled 500 individual hygiene kits to pass out at LIFT’s Uptown office. Each kit was individually packaged and included soap, a washcloth, hand sanitizer, a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and a comb. Not only did Capital One employees assemble the kits, but they also volunteered their time to come and help pass them out in LIFT’s office. Over a span of two days a dozen Capital One volunteers helped LIFT hand out hygiene kits to LIFT Members and community residents. Volunteers were able to meet the Members that will directly benefit from the hygiene kits as well as LIFT Advocates who shared their stories as to why they LIFT.

Capital One volunteers spoke about how much they appreciated the opportunity to come into LIFT and meet Members and Advocates. One volunteer said, “It is so different seeing and meeting the people who get the kits and not just talking about what you made and donated.” LIFT-Chicago’s Director of Programs, Sol Anderson, echoes that this sentiment is what makes LIFT’s partnership with Capital One so special.  Sol stated, “from the national organization down to the individual associates, Capital One really makes a sincere effort to be involved with LIFT and support not only the organization but also our Members.”

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