Saving and Investing, pt 2

By LIFT on October 25, 2013

Categories: Financial Strength, Our Work

Hello again!

With another week down we are that much closer to our graduation date. But we’ll save the reflective entry for the last post!

This week, we discussed Investing. As said in our previous entry, the students were really engaged in Savings and they were all so excited for the next section, investing. The students haven’t really been exposed to investing other than the portrayals constructed by the media, so naturally there were a ton of clarifying questions for the financial instructor.

The information was dense, and the students came up with even more questions than they had in the beginning of the class. The instructor and the USC students answered as many questions as they could with the allotted time, and before we knew it the class had ended.

After the students left our class, it was clearer to us that the investing section of our curriculum needed a bit more tweaking before we could present it in our sessions. Despite those speed-bumps, it was yet another successful class as the students were engaged in the subject matter.

See you all next week!