Saving and Investing pt 1

By LIFT on October 18, 2013

Categories: Financial Strength, Our Work

Hello from the Beyond the Bank program! It has officially been a month since we started the second round of Financial Literacy!

The next two lectures are focused on Saving and Investing. Since these two topics are so dense, our financial instructor wanted to spread this lesson plan over two weeks.

It was good reviewing what we learned in the opening lecture about saving. More and more of the students were engaged in the conversation this time around. They were so fired up about budgeting their daily expenses so they could save up for X, Y or Z. One of the students actually started saving up since day 1! She said she didn’t want to tell us what she was saving for, but she said she would tell us as soon as she bought it.

When we closed the class, the TAY were really gearing up for next week’s session: Investing. The TAY have heard from different peers they need to invest in certain companies. Next week’s session should be informative and arm the students with better information. See you all next week!

Students intently listening to the Financial Instructor