Banking and Checking

By LIFT on October 11, 2013

Categories: Financial Strength, Our Work

Welcome back to the third week of Beyond the Bank series!

It has been an awesome two weeks, and we want to continue to ride the momentum we started back on our first day of class!! This week’s class had a rocky start, but it all worked out in the end.

We ran into some difficulty at the start of class. One of our financial instructors encountered some difficulties coming to our location, and couldn’t attend the course. Instead, we had the USC undergraduates run the class. The USC undergraduates were absolutely stellar. They did a quick little icebreaker for the group to get to know each other more, and then they broke the class up into their small groups. Because this week’s subject was Banking and Checking, the USC undergraduates discussed different banks (and different kinds of banks) with the Right Way students. The USC undergraduates led their small group discussions and asked the Right Way students what kind of banks they all want to use. Ultimately the discussions led to the USC undergraduates sharing their experiences with their bank accounts and why those accounts fit them well.

As the weeks go on, it’s great seeing the Right Way students open up more to the USC undergraduate. Due to so many factors that make up the higher-education arena and the foster care system, these two groups of students would never meet one another in an academic setting. Now that Beyond the Bank program is in full swing, these two groups of students have a platform to educate one another in both financial literacy and life experiences.

Even though we ran into a roadblock at the beginning of class, it ended really well! I’ll see you all next week!

A group of students in their break out session.