Third Day of Class

By LIFT on April 8, 2013

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Hello all!

Thank you so much for checking out our blog and reading our updates of our pilot program!! As the 3rd day of class rolled out we noticed the energy levels in the class dip a bit. Students were engaged with the topics of loans and interest rates, but the technicalities of the subject confused some of the students. It wasn’t until the USC undergraduates framed the subjects in a way that was applicable to the students; the proverbial light-switch turned on and we were back in business!

As mentioned above the vast majority of our class today focused on loans, interest rates, and a review from last week (credit). The USC students felt more comfortable delivering the information and answering questions this time around, so they didn’t turn to the Financial Experts as much as they had the previous lessons.

Speaking of which, we were granted yet another Capital Group volunteer to add to our Financial Expert cohort! All together, we have a cohort of 4 Financial Experts!! They’re a small but mighty bunch! It is comforting having them in our classroom as the lessons plans are being implemented. We want the Transitional Aged Youth to not only receive guidance in their finances but also quality information. Knowing we have experts from the Capital Group there with us  to answer questions and clarify often confusing topics is a great asset to the quality of the course.

Even though the beginning of the class was a bit confusing for the TAY community members, they came away from this class more informed about the lesson and looked forward to more guidance from the USC undergraduates and our Financial Experts.

Check out a picture from tonight’s class!