Second Day of Class

By LIFT on April 1, 2013

Categories: Our Work

With a great start to our financial literacy course, both the students and the financial experts were ready at the go for our second day of class.

The USC undergraduates from the JEP program had a better grasp of teaching the students at the Right Way Foundation. They touched on topics like the differences between a debit card and a credit card, how to build credit and how to read a credit report. Like the first class, a lot of questions popped up that would potentially veer the class in a different direction. We compiled a “parking lot” list and decided to build on these questions as the course went on throughout the month.

Also, we received more interested volunteers from the Capital Group this week! In our first class we had one Financial Expert from the Capital Group, but this week we have two more volunteers! It’s so great to know our work is sparking an interest in the Capital Group’s employees.These Financial Experts truly are making a difference in our community, and we were so happy to have them there with us. There were moments during the class when the USC undergraduates could not answer specific questions concerning credit, so our Financial Experts at the Capital Group stepped up to help teach that portion of the course.

It was a great day, and we were glad we were still riding that wave of determination and thoughtfulness we experienced our first day of class last week.

Stay tuned for another update with our course!