Fourth Day of Class

By LIFT on April 15, 2013

Categories: Our Work

As we near the end of the course, there was a nervous excitement within the class. The USC undergraduates wanted to go through not only their curriculum but also expand on the topics the TAY community members brought up. The TAY community members and the Financial Experts knew there was so much to learn but very limited time left in the course. With the sense of urgency and passion to complete this course the fourth day of class flew by.

The USC undergraduates taught topics in risk, investments, stocks and bonds. With such broad topics with real-world applications the TAY students were engaged and curious throughout the class. Since some of the TAY students expressed interest in investing in stocks and government bonds, our Financial Experts were there to give out tips and advice in this complicated topic.

With lively discussions on such broad and complicated topics all groups were engaged throughout this particular class! The USC undergraduates came to the class extremely prepared with various hand-outs and exercises to help make their points clear and concise.

Our last day of class is next week, which means it’s also our graduation ceremony! Because we wanted to give the Transitional Aged Youth a glimpse into USC, we decided to have our last class on their campus. Some of the students have said they want to go to college, more specifically at USC. What a perfect way to end our class with a tour of one of the most prestigious universities in the nation!

It has been a great course so far, and we’re excited to see where this course will end next week! Stay tuned!!