Help LIFT-Philadelphia Raise $2,400 to Bridge the Digital Divide for Community Members as a Part of the Philly4Philly Campaign

By LIFT on August 30, 2012

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LIFT-Philadelphia was selected to be an inaugural nonprofit partner of Philly4Philly, a campaign organized by Citizen Effect that works with local Philadelphia nonprofits to match 150 passionate citizens with 150 high-impact community projects.

LIFT-Philadelphia’s Challenge…
Our challenge is to raise $2,400 to help purchase three (3) new desktop workstations for the LIFT-Philly North Office.  These 3 new computers would allow us to see 18 more clients per day and close to 100 more per week.  The 2012 Philadelphia Summer Fellows have taken on this project as their legacy and hope to be able to raise enough money needed for the workstations, but we still need your help!

Why It Matters…

Forty one percent (41%) of Philadelphia residents currently do not have access to computers or the internet, and as technology progresses, computer access and connectivity will only become a more vital part of moving forward.

Computers are vital to the work that we do, as nearly all of our client service revolves around computers as we use them to access our own intranet database and other key websites needed to find job and housing opportunities.  Three new workstations would drastically increase the amount of aid we are able to give our clients.  These new computers would also allow us to have workstations where clients who feel comfortable using computers would be able to work by themselves to achieve the goals they have set out with LIFT.

This project will further help us bridge the “digital divide” that faces many of our clients and keep our office up to date with today’s technological demands.  One client who had been referred by to a series of beginner computer classes was so excited after completing the course that she came back to LIFT just to show off the new computer skills she had learned. We at LIFT pride ourselves on being able to get individuals the information and assistance they need, and this is largely supported by our access to up-to-date computer systems.  Without this technology access, many computer members will remain unable to gain, or regain, the stability they so greatly desire in their lives.

How you can help…
Please help the LIFT-Philadelphia 2012 Summer Fellows reach our $2,400 goal so that our North Office will be able to increase their client service efforts and help even more amazing community members.  You can donate and learn more about the project by visiting our PhillyforPhily project page