LIFT-Philadelphia seeks Citizen Philanthropists as a Philly4Philly Partner

By LIFT on July 30, 2012

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At one time, philanthropy was reserved for the likes of the Rockefellers and Carnegies. Not any more. Citizen Philanthropy is a proven model that provides the opportunity for anyone with passion to engage their network to fund a critical community project.  Philly4Philly – powered by Citizen Effect – is a movement of passionate citizens, each committed to leading fundraising efforts for a community project in Philadelphia.  The great news is that Philly4Philly has selected LIFT-Philadelphia as one of its official launch partners!

Now that Philly4Philly has launched, LIFT-Philadelphia is seeking Citizen Philanthropists to take on specific projects.  Whether its raising money for new client service computers or for community outreach through LIFT-Philadelphia’s Street Team, there are plenty of opportunities for committed citizens – YOU! – to get involved and make a real and lasting impact through grassroots fundraising.  Citizen Philanthropists (CPs) choose a project and agree to fundraise for it. Citizen Effect then provides the training, tools and technology CPs need to market and promote their project to friends, family and social networks in order to hit their fundraising goal.

As a CP, individuals are empowered to make a difference with a far-reaching impact on both LIFT-Philadelphia and the community. Once a project is completed, every CP receives updates to provide him or her a direct line of sight to the positive changes being made thanks to their efforts.

Want to become a Citizen Philanthropist for LIFT-Philadelphia?  We’d love to share more information and get you engaged – contact Josh Romalis at 267-439-9597 or email