Creative Social Media Campaigns Drive Donor Support for LIFT

By LIFT on February 2, 2011

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Several innovative social media campaigns targeted their fundraising efforts toward LIFT at the start of February, including philanthropist, tv host, editor and social media CEO Eric Harr and blogger Carlo Garcia of Living Philanthropic.

  • In January, Eric Harr and his social media company Resonate Social Media issued a challenge via Twitter to supporters of three nonprofits—LIFT, Operation Smile and All Hands Volunteers—to pitch their organization for its chance to win $1,000.  The challenge lasted 2 weeks, and LIFT supporters delivered passionate Tweets about LIFT’s transformative impact on clients, volunteers and the state of poverty in local communities.  Strong response from supporters of both LIFT and Operation Smile prompted Eric Harr to award $1,000 to each organization on February 1st.Follow them on Twitter @ericharr and @resonatesocial.

    See a visual representation of the Tweets from LIFT supporters

  • Recommendations from members of the LIFT network, specifically  LIFT alumna Jen Bokoff, prompted Carlo Garcia of the blog Living Philanthropic to dedicate Day 285 of his year-long philanthropy initiative to LIFT.  Each day over the course of 365 days, Carlo donates $10 to a unique charity and encourages others to donate alongside him.  Citing his support for homeless and poor Chicagoans and the need for “providing access to successful social programs, not just handouts, but hand-ups,” Carlo donated his $10 to LIFT on February 1st.Follow him on Twitter @deusexrockina and on Facebook.
  • Several other LIFT supporters created campaigns across Facebook to raise money for LIFT.  LIFT alumna Hillary Aisenstein Kane created an “Auction Off the Menu” dinner party to benefit LIFT-Philadelphia, where she and her husband took bids from friends for daring dishes and the dishes with the highest bids won a place on the menu.  Other efforts included Happy Hour events (Catholic University Law Review), Facebook’s Birthday Causes application and supporters’ own personal appeals.