LIFT Statement on Raids and Inhumane Treatment of Immigrant Families

By LIFT on July 5, 2019

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Last week during a coaching session, one of our parent members brought up the ICE raids taking place across the country. Her coach told her that the President’s administration was “pausing” the raids until after July 4, to which she responded:

“So does that mean I can go to the park?
My daughter has been wanting to go.”

Families we serve have been living in fear of even leaving their homes.

The following is LIFT’s official statement.

At LIFT, we believe that every person, regardless of where they are born, deserves to be safe and free of economic hardship. All people not only deserve equitable access to the tools and resources that will lift them and their families out of poverty, but also deserve to be treated with dignity, kindness, and respect.

That’s why we are appalled by the inhumane treatment and the separation of families seeking asylum occurring at our border, and by the raids taking place across our country that leaves people – including young children – with deep and lasting harm.

We value the diversity of the communities we serve, the relationships we foster with our LIFT families, and the collaborative effort we provide when we partner with organizations that stand together to serve all people in need. We know that families everywhere want and deserve what American families want: a safe, nurturing, and loving environment where their children can thrive.

We encourage you to stand with families and actively support organizations working on the frontlines to protect them:

ImmigrantFamiliesTogether /@immfamtogether

Families Belong Together@fams2gether