LIFT joins The Aspen Institute “Listening to Inclusive Innovators” Series

By LIFT on April 2, 2018

Categories: News

Listening To Inclusive Innovators: “The Center for Urban Innovation’s Listening to Inclusive Innovators blog series highlights the stories of practitioners doing the hard and critical work of inclusion and listening to the people they are trying to serve.  One of our first projects at the Center for Urban Innovation was to convene about 30 leaders of businesses and non-profits, government officials, and philanthropic grantmakers in a working group on the topic of inclusive innovation. Our goal was to learn more about how people implement inclusive innovation in their own organizations. Over the course of three convenings, the group identified four high-priority topics: values, tools, co-creation and civic engagement.” (Source)

As part of their series on inclusive innovation, The Aspen Institute spoke with LIFT’s Chief Strategy Officer to talk all things co-creation at LIFT and learn how LIFT uses continuous learning from the parents we serve to inform our program model. Read the full conversation over on The Aspen Institute’s website.