Talking #UBI with L.A. Kitchen and LIFT’s Chief Cities Officer

By LIFT on January 30, 2018

Categories: News

LIFT’s Chief Cities Officer Michelle Rhone-Collins joined our friends at L.A. Kitchen to talk Universal Basic Income on a panel that included industry leaders Larry Cohen (Build the Floor), Steve Borst and Rennie Soga (Income Outcome Film) and was moderated by Angie Jean-Marie (Global Shapers Los Angeles).

“L.A. Kitchen is opening 2018 with a forum around the topic of Universal Basic Income — the idea that all individuals receive a periodic cash payment without means-test or work requirement. The “Universal Basic Income: New Solutions to Poverty in America” panel discussion will unite local leaders, futuristic thinkers, and innovators to discuss the future of our economy and communities. We will consider issues affecting food industry workers and others whose employment may be lost to automation, artificial intelligence, and looming technological advances.

Help us answer questions such as: What’s at stake in an economy where all workers have a basic income no matter their employment status? Would a universal basic income help or hurt workers in the face of automation? What are the unintended consequences of technological innovation? Should anyone who works live in poverty?

This event is part of L.A. Kitchen’s ‘Power of Food’ series, which aims to inspire food activists and center voices not always heard in the mainstream food industry. Through cooking workshops and speakers we make culinary and food justice knowledge accessible to all.”

Learn more about L.A. Kitchen by visiting their website. Photo credit: @angiejeanmarie