When Life is Hard, There’s LIFT.

By LIFT on December 17, 2014

Categories: News

We are LIFT.

We fight poverty.

We live in the land of opportunity.

But for some of us, opportunity seems too far away.

One of every five people you pass on the street can’t make ends meet.

The next time you go outside, count.

One. Two. Three. Four. LIFT.

We believe that all people need the same foundations to get ahead.

Confidence. Connections. Cash.

We work to help our Members build those foundations.

Because everyone needs help navigating life’s toughest challenges.

We believe that the shortest distance between two people is trust.

So we build deep and authentic relationships with our Members.

We believe in the inherent dignity, value, and potential of all people.

So we treat our Members with respect.

We believe that people are the architects of their own lives.

So our Members set their own goals.

Then together, we work hard to achieve them.

We believe that everyone can help.

So we embrace diversity in all its dimensions.

You can help. Yes, YOU.

Because poverty is complicated.

But getting help shouldn’t have to be.

When life is hard.

There’s LIFT.