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By LIFT on December 2, 2014

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Ms. Diarra didn’t always have a safe home for her 4-year old son. She moved to America from Mali in search of a better life, making the hard sacrifice of leaving her son in Africa. Her arrival in the land of opportunity wasn’t the dream she expected. Within a year, she had separated from her husband and found herself unemployed and living from couch to couch with no home to call her own.

But, she built up the courage to walk into a LIFT center. And everything changed. She and her Advocate, Karen, worked together to untangle the web of complicated issues she faced. In Karen, she has a solid, unwavering partner.

Just $30 can serve one Member for an entire month. That’s more Karens helping out more Ms. Diarras.

Today, she has her son back and they have a comfortable home of their own. She has learned English and has a job at a major hotel. She got her associates degree and is making plans to get her bachelor’s. Most importantly, she has hope for her future. Karen says Ms. Diarra is “one of the most determined and brave people I’ve ever met. Whatever it is she needs to do, she figures out a way to do it.”

Act now to give more people like Ms. Diarra the personal, social, and financial foundations they need to lift themselves out of poverty. How many months will you support today?

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