Fund for Shared Insight + LIFT = Building A Strong Foundation for Evaluation

By LIFT on November 21, 2014

Categories: News

I’m so excited to share that LIFT was selected as one of 14 organizations to receive a grant from Fund for Shared Insight – in the first round of grants they awarded since launching in September. Our project, LIFT as a Demonstration: Building the Practice and Research Base for Constituent Voice, aims to strengthen LIFT’s efforts to collect Member feedback and identify perceptual data that might serve as predictive indicators for the social service sector.

We decided to apply for this grant because we believe that designing solutions around what our Members tell us they need is a powerful way to achieve results. As we put together our proposal, I was most excited about what insights we would learn from our Members and how we could use their feedback to adjust our program to better fit their needs.

Now that we’ve been selected, my excitement has doubled because I know that LIFT has the funding resources to really commit to this work and share our learnings with the rest of the social sector.

I’m inspired to be among such quality organizations and amazing leaders in this inaugural pool of grantees. You can find a full list and more detail on all the funded projects at

I’m especially looking forward to seeing how the Feedback Labs and Feedback Commons projects evolve because LIFT plans to post its Constituent Voice questions and data on these sites so we can benchmark our data and learn from other organizations.

As these 14 grant projects unfold over the next one to three years, I look forward to advancing the practice and research base for feedback loops and sharing what we learn with others in philanthropy and the social sector more broadly. Specifically, LIFT will share its insights through our blog, articles, presentations at industry convenings, and a CV methodology guide. I’d like to hear what excites you about these funded projects or what you hope to learn from us or other grantees. Please share your thoughts via the comments below.