Consumer Rights in Cycle 3

By LIFT on February 21, 2014

Categories: Financial Strength

Hello again from Beyond the Bank.

Last night’s lecture was all about consumer rights. We wanted to cover specific subjects that would help the TAY protect themselves from various financial predators. The subjects would cover things like questions to consider when opening accounts, getting a loan (predatory lending) and what to do with debt collectors.

Because the TAY and the USC undergraduates are so close in age, the instructors knew this lecture was going to be useful for both of the groups. Both groups of students are just starting off their careers and with that come the responsibilities of shopping around for different financial services and banks. Where should I start? What should I look out for? What can I do to protect myself? These are the exact questions the Financial Instructors wanted to answer when introducing this topic.

Unfortunately, some of the students have fallen prey to some predatory lending, and the instructors wanted to direct them to some agencies that could help the situation. Students asked relevant questions, and the USC undergraduates shared their knowledge and best practices when looking out for “deals” that could potentially hurt them.

Thanks for checking in again with Beyond the Bank! Next week we are going to cover Banking, which will be taught by Marissa. This is her first time teaching the class solo, and we know it’s going to be a great session!

Daniel and Marissa going over Consumer Rights


Small group discussing what to look out for when


All the small groups talking about what they just learned