Banking with Marisa

By LIFT on February 28, 2014

Categories: Financial Strength

Hello from Beyond the Bank!

It is a bit rainy here in Southern California, but that’s not stopping us from our class!!

Last night was Banking, and it was also Marissa’s official debut as our Financial Instructor! The topic we covered was Banking; types of banks we can access, and what do these institutions offer the public.

We first opened the floor for questions from previous lessons. The TAY had some clarifying questions with different subjects (credit, consumer rights, etc), which sparked different conversations in the class. We felt the different conversations were great, since they were all learning moments for the students, but we were also afraid we wouldn’t have enough time to cover the actual Banking topic. We wrapped up the side topics and dove right into Banking.

The conversations happened with mixed enthusiasm. There was a lot of things going on with the students, and it’s understandable why. First, the students are approaching the end of their program with the Right Way Foundation. It has been about 3 months since they started, so we can see how some of the students might feel a bit tired. Also, there were some students in the class last night who already knew a lot of the subject matter. It could have been a bad situation when the students who did know about some banking might have lost complete interest. Thankfully, we saw that as an opportunity to have the students answer some questions for their peers, thereby making them the default instructors. Conversations were kept alive, and the students left with many takeaways.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a camera for the evening… so we can’t post any pictures from last night’s class. But please stay tuned for next week (when we’ll definitely have some pictures).