Parent Entrepreneurs at LIFT-Los Angeles

By LIFT on September 23, 2019

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LIFT-Los Angeles recently collaborated with CRCD, All Peoples Community Center, Small Business Majority, and United Latinx Fund for our South LA Small Business Entrepreneurship Program. Conducted in Spanish, the pilot was created to give our monolingual Spanish-speaking parent members the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to develop their own businesses. Beginning in late June, members participated in a five-week course of workshops held at All Peoples Community Center.

Ana was one of several members who joined the South LA Small Business Entrepreneurship Program in hopes of starting her own business. Before LIFT, Ana was confronted with a number of obstacles, in particular the absence of family and economic support. She says the program has helped lay the groundwork for her big dreams of eventually developing a large food cart business and a restaurant.

Ana says after being exploited by her previous jobs – “getting paid almost nothing and doing demanding work” – she now hopes to one day be in a position to help others as an employer.

She aspires to leave her children a legacy they’ll be proud of, and credits LIFT-LA with giving her the courage to pursue those goals. “Women, especially single moms, should feel proud of their accomplishments and abilities,” Ana said. “Think about the possibility of working for yourself and getting a decent salary. Our kids will see the work we have done to secure their futures and the legacy we left behind.”

In Ana’s own words, “Si se puede” – “Yes we can!”

Cash prizes were also granted to two LIFT-LA members as part of the Business Pitch Contest, held at the end of the five-week course as a way to engage participants in demonstrating the knowledge they learned. On July 17, 2019, members were invited to give presentations to a group of judges on their business plans for the future. After the judges assessed their proposals as well as their presentations, two $800 awards were granted to members Ana and Dominga in recognition of their incredible potential.

Dominga, who has opened a construction and painting company with her brother-in-law, is also working diligently to expand her business. Since the entrepreneurship program, Dominga has reached an agreement with Avana to do on-going work for 176 luxury apartments, and we are proud of all the accomplishments she has made!

Please join us in congratulating Ana and Dominga for their achievements, as well as all the members who successfully completed the program!