Holiday Fiesta 2018

By LIFT on October 30, 2018

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LIFT’s mission is to empower families to break the cycle of poverty. Our highly-trained coaches work one-on-one with parents of young children to help them meet immediate needs such as childcare and transportation and achieve long term goals such as better paying jobs and continuing education. Our core coaching program does more than create safe, stable environments for children. When families come to LIFT, they are earning, on average, $18,000 to support a family of four or more.  

Through our LIFT program:  

  • Parents increase their earnings by, on average, $625 per month. That’s $7,500 per year!   
  • Parents decrease their debt by over $1,200 per year.   
  • 96% percent of our member parents feel that they can turn to LIFT in a time of need.  

By helping parents increase their income and savings and decrease their debt, LIFT enables families to thrive. 


Each December, LIFT-Los Angeles hosts our annual Holiday Fiesta. In the spirit of the holiday season, the Holiday Fiesta is a party for families to experience generosity and joy. This event is a unique opportunity to celebrate our member families and allow them to connect with each other and their sponsor families for an afternoon of music, food, crafts, and celebration. Check out photos from last year’s event here! 

This year’s Holiday Fiesta is happening on December 2, 2018 from 11am to 2pm at the awesome new venue Two Bit Circus in the Arts District. We invite you and your family to join us at this year’s event and sponsor a LIFT family this holiday season. 

As part of your generous $3,500 sponsorship, you will: 

  • Be matched with a LIFT-LA family 
  • Support the LIFT family through an entire year of one-on-one LIFT programming  
  • Receive a personalized letter written by your LIFT-LA family 
  • Be invited to attend the Holiday Fiesta with your own family 
  • Have the opportunity to meet your LIFT family at the event 
  • Allow your LIFT family to buy gifts for their children this holiday season with $500 gift cards purchased on your behalf        

To complete the sponsorship, you can donate online by clicking here. You can also send a check to: 

LIFT-Los Angeles 

c/o Laura Presse 

1910 Magnolia Ave. Suite 404 

Los Angeles, CA 90007 

Even if you can’t make the event, we’d love if you would still consider sponsoring a LIFT family this holiday season. Please know that your support means so much to our members, their children, and the whole LIFT-Los Angeles family. We hope to see you there!

Questions? Contact Laura Presse at, (213) 744 – 9468, EXT 104