Crafting Community with Bronx Built

By LIFT on May 1, 2017

Categories: Events, Financial Strength, Our Work, Personal Well-Being, Social Connections

LIFT-New York’s crochet and looming class gives parents a chance to connect with each other. And over the last few months, the weekly two-hour class has been providing more than relationships; it’s providing some income! A partnership with Bronx Built, a social enterprise that has been hosting the class, pays the women $15 per hat. Parents also appreciate that children are welcome, eliminating the need for child care.

Tyler Jonas, Co-Founder of Bronx Built had this to say of her time spent working with the parents and staff of LIFT-New York:

As a co-founder of Bronx Built, I am fortunate to have a trusted partner in LIFT. For more than a year, Bronx Built has partnered with LIFT to offer community-based looming classes in LIFT’s Bronx office, offering members looming skills and the opportunity to sell their finished products. During this time period, we have had the opportunity to see first hand the impact LIFT provides to its members in the Bronx community and the important services they provide.

See photos from our inaugural crochet class and make sure to check out Tyler’s interview with LIFT’s CEO and Co-Founder Kirsten Lodal over on Economics and Entrepreneurs.