Chicago Kids LIFTing LIFTers

During the first weekend of December, a time most people associate with endless holiday shopping and long lasting family tradition’s a group of 3rd and 4th graders and their parents came to LIFT to give back to the community. The families of LIFT supporters visited the office for the first time to learn more about the services […]

Finding Warmth This Winter

With last winter’s chilling temperatures and record-breaking snowfalls projected to continue into Winter 2015, I ask you: What is your most valued possession this winter? For many individuals struggling to make ends meet, the answer may be one that is often overlooked. For children who stand waiting at the bus stop or job seekers who […]

Rockin’ Around Your LIFTmas Tree: Boston Partnership Brings Holiday Trees to Families

Christmas can be an expensive holiday. As one anonymous person puts it, “Christmas is the season when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money.” For many of our LIFT members, this sentiment is all too true when the holiday season rolls around. With rent checks due, heating bills high, tables in need of […]

When Life is Hard, There’s LIFT.

We are LIFT. We fight poverty. We live in the land of opportunity. But for some of us, opportunity seems too far away. One of every five people you pass on the street can’t make ends meet. The next time you go outside, count. One. Two. Three. Four. LIFT. We believe that all people need […]

Alexis’ Story: A Legacy of Hope

Hearing from LIFT advocates is one of the best ways to learn about the impact a LIFT volunteer experience has on individuals. Earlier this month, Northwestern University Sophomore and dedicated LIFT advocate, Carlin McCarthy, had the chance to sit down with a fellow Northwestern peer and long time LIFT Advocate Alexis Gable who shared what […]

Meet our Shriver Superhero, Julie Jimenez

Our AmeriCorps VISTA Shriver Program Fellow, Julie Jimenez, was recently featured on CNCS’ blog. Read the article here. Julie is currently in her second year as an AmeriCorps member with LIFT. Julie is an inspiration to us all. She consistently brings new ideas, humor, and effective strategies to our office. She also played a crucial role […]

Choose Your Impact

When you walk into a LIFT center, you’ll see Members and Advocates working side by side to navigate complicated situations like job loss and eviction.  The best gift you can give this holiday season is the gift of encouragement.  When you fund this work, you send a message that screams, “I’m with you” to our […]

Meet the ShriverCorps Cohort!

As LIFT’s Talent Lead for AmeriCorps, I would like to take a moment to introduce all of our remarkable Shriver AmeriCorps Fellows who are serving on the front lines of LIFT’s poverty fighting efforts. I am honored to be working alongside individuals who are as inspiring as the Shriver AmeriCorps Fellows who have dedicated themselves […]

UPDATE: [Statement] Acknowledging Injustice and Taking a Step Forward

In late August we released the statement below in response to the events in Ferguson, MO that broke open a rich discussion about what we could do as individuals and as a society to rebuild trust. The conversation that occurred was powerful. Today, we are reaching out to the LIFT community once again to give […]

Giving the Gift of Trust

by Maicharia Weir Lytle, Executive Director, LIFT-Boston As the Executive Director of LIFT-Boston, I have many stories to share about the amazing work of our members and volunteers, as well as the ways LIFT engages in active partnerships and relationships based on trust, mutual respect and reciprocity. Today, I am writing to share my story […]

LIFT featured by Moneyball for Government

We’re proud to be featured on Moneyball for Government‘s new video video alongside City Year and Communities In Schools and narrated by Melody Barnes that illustrates how our organizations are using data as a tool for continuous learning (and improvement): Read the press release here from Moneyball for Government. Additionally, our CEO, Kirsten Lodal also co-authored a piece […]

Huffington Post: Continuous Learning Is Key to Achieving Better Outcomes

How do we improve outcomes of the work that we do? By using data. Read what our CEO, Kirsten Lodal in collaboration with Dan Cardinali, President of Communities in Schools, has to say on the Huffington Post about the power of evidence and data to and how it helps improve our work. “To address complex social […]

One click and $30 can change a life.

Ms. Diarra didn’t always have a safe home for her 4-year old son. She moved to America from Mali in search of a better life, making the hard sacrifice of leaving her son in Africa. Her arrival in the land of opportunity wasn’t the dream she expected. Within a year, she had separated from her husband […]

We Have 10,200 Reasons to be Thankful for YOU today!

This Thanksgiving, we are especially grateful for the generosity and compassion you’ve shown to the 10,200 Members — and their families — across America who came through LIFT’s doors facing hard times over the last year. Together, we are helping people create a better future – one goal, one home, one job, one resume, one […]

Why Alan LIFTs

We’re big on stories here at LIFT so I want to share with you a message my Chief Finance and Administration Officer Alan Golding posted on his Facebook page. This is why he LIFTs for good: Last week, I had the privilege of sitting in on a meeting with one of our members in Chicago. […]