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New York

LIFT-The Bronx
2381 Belmont Avenue
Bronx, NY 10458
Phone: (718) 733-3897
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LIFT-The Bronx engages with locally based social service organizations to create reciprocal partnerships in order to capitalize on the strength of existing community resources.  LIFT highly values collaboration within the sector, and believes it is essential for nonprofits to work together along with for-profit industries to help people achieve economic stability and well-being, and to address the causes of poverty.  Last year, LIFT-The Bronx received over 120 clients referred-in to LIFT from other service agencies, demonstrating the trust that local agencies have in LIFT.  Correspondingly, LIFT made more than 400 quality referrals-out to other service organizations in order to connect clients to the service they needed that LIFT does not directly provide, such as legal aid or medical attention.  This model of partnership ensures the non-duplication and efficiency of social service programs in the community and strengthens the social services infrastructure.

The Bronx office actively hosts and co-sponsors events on-campus and in the community to bring community members together, to bring together expert opinions and dialogue about community issues, and to raise awareness about the issues facing low-income families in The Bronx and New York City and the resources available to help them.  For example, LIFT maintains strong relationships with Manhattan College's department of Campus Ministries and Social Action and with the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice at Fordham University to encourage student awareness and action for the problems facing low-income communities in The Bronx region.

Examples of community partnerships include:

  • Community Partnership Days, during which LIFT volunteers make group visits to partner organizations, including food pantries, shelters, advocacy groups, and community action agencies. The visits foster a deeper collaboration with community partners, and help ensure that volunteers are making the most effective referrals.
  • Collaborating with United Neighborhood Housing Program & Ariva to provide public benefits screenings & assistance to clients receiving free tax prep at their site, and they in turn conducted tax prep events for our clients at the LIFT-The Bronx office.
  • Working with Barclays Capital who have hosted resume and mock interview workshops for LIFT clients, utilizing their employees as ‘interviewers’ who provide helpful feedback to our clients. Clients and employees then share more informal conversations over dinner. It is an enriching experience for both groups, and an empowering one for the LIFT clients.
  • Neighborhood Trust has conducted monthly financial workshops at LIFT’s office, educating clients about banking services, and credit card ‘tricks & traps’.
  • Bronx Defenders and Northern Manhattan Immigrant Rights Coalition have provided outstanding training sessions for our volunteers, enabling them to understand the complexities of legal issues and immigration concerns in New York City.