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Challenging Assumptions, Changing Perceptions in Los Angeles

Wednesday, October 30 2013

Filed in: Los Angeles News

An impressive group of CEO’s, non-profit heads, entertainment/technology executives, and other activists gathered to try to solve problems faced by the poor in Los Angeles.  LIFTopolis, held on October 1, 2013 at the Magnolia Place Family Center in LA, provided this group with a unique opportunity to both experience what it is like to navigate through the social services system and then come together to brainstorm solutions to the problems they faced.

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Jesus' Story

Meet Jesus. Working one-on-one with LIFT-Los Angeles, he was able to get the motivational boost he needed to find a job. And through hard work and dedication... he did! Read about his incredible journey and share his story here.
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Meet LIFT-LA Advocate, Esme

Location: LIFT-LA
Affiliation: Loyola Law School

Esme is a current student at Loyola Law School with a double concentration in Criminal Justice and Immigration Advocacy. When asked what she likes most about Los Angeles, she responded with, “I love that LA is such a beautiful and diverse city filled with many people working to make sure the needs of the most impoverished and marginalized are met.  You can find anything you need in this city if you know how to look for it. Those resources can be found all around us, but unfortunately are often not taken advantage of because in many cases people simply do not know that they exist… Along with the abundance of creativity that has made LA LA, there also exists a rising support network for those that need it most. Within this city is a visible rise in awareness of such struggles, and to see individuals and organizations working tirelessly to help mend the problems of the city is an amazing sight.”

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