A Day in the Life


Samantha Osaki, Development Associate

At LIFT, Samantha connects with potential supporters, including corporate, government, and foundation donors. She collaborates with and provides thought partnership to regional offices to help them achieve their funding goals. Samantha provides operational support for LIFT’s regional and national development teams and works closely with LIFT’s Manager of Foundation and Corporate Relations.

 A day in the life of our Development Associate…

6:45 AM: Wake up and start the day right: with a rejuvenating round of YouTube-facilitated yoga or Pilates (or both, if I’m up for it)

8:15 AM: Commute via Metro to downtown DC. My current Metro companion? Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time. (I was an English Literature major in college)

9:00 AM: Munch on bagels and fruit at our bi-weekly National Office meeting. It’s a great time for the team to catch up, give “shout-outs” to colleagues who’ve done an amazing job on past/ongoing projects or tasks, and share with others what’s in store for the week.

10:00 AM: Sit down to a cup of hot coffee + soy milk. Open up Outlook, Salesforce, SharePoint, OneNote, and get the ball rolling on the day’s work.

11:00 AM: Finish up a first-draft version of a grant proposal or foundation brief.

12:00 PM: Heat up my lunch in the office kitchenette and post a fun question, response, or doodle on our white board wall.

1:00 PM: Check in with our regional offices – often, via short, 15-minute Skype Business sessions – to ensure that I’m offering them the post comprehensive grants-development support possible.

2:00 PM: Check in with my supervisor to reflect on the past week’s work, share updates, and strategize.

3:00 PM: Do some prospecting research: search online databases for institutions whose funding priorities and missions align with our focus areas.

4:00 PM: Write and revise. Grab a piece of chocolate from the office candy bowl and fill my mug with delicious herbal tea from the communal pantry. Repeat.

5:00 PM: Send out final emails and upload any lingering documents onto SharePoint.

6:00 PM: Make myself dinner and prepare tomorrow’s brown-bag lunch. Gotta pay off those student loans!

10:00 PM: Finish up studying for the LSAT and get ready for bed. But don’t worry, LIFT-ers! I’m not running off to law school any time soon. LIFT’s emphasis on personal and professional development helps me stay goal- and future-oriented so that I’ll be ready, when the time comes, to take the next step in my (social justice-oriented) career.