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Our national organization does its groundwork at a city level. We tailor our overall strategy to tactics that meet each city’s and member’s needs, and celebrate success wherever we operate.

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Leading by Example: Humu’s Story

When LIFT launched on the South Side of Chicago in May, Humu Itsifu was the first parent at Educare to hear about it. She was also the first to sign up for LIFT’s inaugural session with its Windy City early childhood partner organization. Seven months later, the single mother of 20-month-old Sameea continues to lead […]

First Person Perspective: The Spirit of the Season, Windy City Style

On December 10, the LIFT-Chicago team braved the weather to host our first Holiday Family Luncheon. Despite freezing temperatures, five of our parents and their children made the journey to Educare, our early childhood partner organization. Though this was only a handful of our member, I was excited to put faces to the names I […]

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