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  • Aimee Chambers

    "LIFT encouraged me to be a more creative thinker. In my work as a foster care social worker and now as a graduate student and professional, I am constantly trying to attack problems in innovative ways."

George Uwanawich

This past year, George Uwanawich became a victim of the foreclosure crisis that has swept through communities across the country. George was living as a tenant in a multi-unit house when he was received the news that what had seemed like a stable home was in the midst of foreclosure. He had gotten to know the volunteers at LIFT-Cambridge as a tax preparation client, so he immediately turned to them for help.

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Francois Desjardins

Francois Desjardins had been living in an apartment on his own, but was struggling to make ends meet on the small weekly checks from his unemployment insurance.  With only three weeks of unemployment insurance coverage left, Francois was desperate to find a new job.

He contacted LIFT-Somerville for help locating new employment.

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Bill Viera

After working over 25 years in the hospitality industry and working his way up to managerial positions, Bill Viera was laid off from his hotel job in 2007.  He lived off of his savings for three years and struggled to find work, and he was eventually forced into a homeless shelter. With the help of a long-term advocate, Bill was able to turn his life around with a new job with a local retailer, better healthcare, and renewed optimism about finding a permanent home.

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Carlos and Dorka Santana

Carlos and Dorka Santana came to LIFT after hearing about its services through the City of Boston and the Circle of Promise, a community-wide initiative to provide critical supports and resources to parents of Boston Public Schools' students (where LIFT-Boston is a lead partner). Working with their LIFT advocate Carly at LIFT-Boston's center in Roxbury, Carlos and Dorka obtained emergency rental assistance and utilities shutoff protection to stay in their home while they searched for work. Dorka recently secured a job interview and enrolled in English classes to improve her communication skills, and the couple is working toward increasing their family’s economic stability.

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